Walking through campus, I can’t help but analyze each ensemble that walks past me. It brings me such joy to pass my eyes over every detail, every stitch and marvel at the thought put into creating certain outfits. One common trend I have found that really completes a solid look this fall is one of a kind footwear. If a Fashionista/o is rocking sweet shoes, you know they take pride in how they dressed that morning. That’s worthy of applause.

This week’s Fashionista strutted across campus in a pair of yellow ankle booties that were so bright, they radiated happiness. It may sound strange in a society ran by sarcasm, but it was 100 percent true. These beauties might be an exaggeration of the autumn yellow trees, but paired with denim and muted colors, they do the season justice. Perfect for the weather, ankle length is just high enough to protect your feet from a November trek through patches of pumpkins.

In order to make her booties the focal point of the outfit while keeping a chill, not overwhelming look, our Fashionista layered this season’s main staples in neutrals. Every closest needs, and when I say needs I mean desperately, a trusty pair of high-waisted denim. They complete nearly any street style look currently on trend. A solid black, cropped top is also great for completing outfits. It can be a component in an elaborate ensemble or complement a minimalistic take on daywear. If I hear another person say, “denim jackets are in this season” I might go a tad crazy. However, my own sass aside, denim jackets are the bee’s knees. They will protect you from the autumnal breeze making its way down sidewalks while never becoming too stuffy.

One Simple Change: As the semester progresses, the temperature will take a plunge and the year’s first snowfall will be found outside our doorsteps. Of course, you wont realize that part getting ready for your 8:00 a.m. until you try walking outside and nearly freeze your buns off. Running back to your room to slip on a long jacket is a seamless way to transition your rays of sunshine from fall weather to something a bit colder.