October 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

We all know the daily struggle of wanting to look decent for class, but not dressing up too much. Some days we just settle with a T-shirt and leggings, but other days we want to push ourselves to at least wear jeans and a comfortable, yet cute shirt. With that being said, what could be better than a chic outfit that is the absolute definition of comfortable? Now that it is fall, that means that the transition into dark-colored clothes is showing up in everyone’s daily style around campus. All-black outfits are the perfect go-to for several occasions.

This Fashionista is showing off the perfect mixture of a relaxed grunge and vintage look for sitting through classes and walking around campus. The oversized button-down black and white striped top is the best combination of chic, fashionable and comfortable. Her black jeans are great for the fall weather and the comfort of sitting through long days of classes. She really spruced up this outfit by adding the black booties, which make an awesome statement. Natural hair and makeup really shows that this is meant to be a laid back daily class look. A gold arm cuff was the best statement piece for her to make this such a fashionable outfit.

One Simple Change: The great thing about this outfit is that she could simply add a big gold statement necklace and it would be perfect go-to outfit for a girl’s night out. Whether it’s out to dinner, going bowling, skating or shopping, every girl will be jealous of this chic, comfortable and all-black outfit.