Fall has arrived, and with it, comes plenty opportunities to rock your favorite layers and newest trends. However, this seasonal transition is not easy for everyone. So for those of you who are having trouble resisting the temptation to wear your oldest baggiest sweatshirt or plainest T-shirt and jeans to class, don’t worry! As this Fashionista demonstrates, you do not have to sacrifice comfort for style.

Classes take a toll on us all, but sometimes a long cozy cardigan can be even better than a sweatshirt. This Fashionista paired her cardigan with a thick elegantly patterned scarf and some comfy patent leather loafers. The cardigan and scarf are both relatively neutral autumn colors, but the scarf has a bit of gold sheen in the material that gives it an extremely luxurious appearance.

Another thing to take note of is her use of a pretty brown leather tote as a book bag. While there are many fashionable backpack options on the market nowadays, you can never really go wrong with a leather tote. The caramel color of her bag and neutral tone of her sweater balance really nicely with the medium wash of her jeans. She is obviously comfortable, but she also exudes an easy sophistication in this outfit.

When deciding what to wear to class, it is really important to also consider whether or not an outfit is appropriate. Sometimes wearing your cutest outfit might not give the right impression or attract the right type of attention in a classroom setting. This Fashionista is dressed appropriately and also manages to look polished and organized. This outfit allows her to be cozy and chic while still giving off a good first impression.

One Simple Change: This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for the classroom, but by swapping out just one piece of clothing, this outfit can work for various occasions. Swap the cardigan for a leather jacket for a chic weekend look with a little edge. If it’s a date night, just add heeled booties and a smokey eye, and you are set to go!