October 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas/os, welcome to fall! Now is the season for sweaters and hot chocolate. With midterms in swing, books are opened and time is spent studying for dreaded exams. While walking around campus, it is clear that the weather is getting colder in New England and the desire for layers is growing.

When walking around campus, I ran into this Fashionisto who knows how to dress for the weather here. Instead of wearing a heavy hoodie, he pairs a T-shirt with a long sleeved plaid shirt that adds layers for warmth, but still allows him to stay cool in class. The plaid shirt is a great accessory to the look, adding pattern and interest. The T-shirt underneath allows for a simple pop of color with the red logo that stands out. Paired with that, he rocks dark wash jeans that complement his blue T-shirt. This look is simple yet great for fall classes.

Whether your headed to midterms or just a day out with the guys, this look will definitely work. This look is simple and easy to put together in a hurry, yet still brings interest to the eye. Layers can work in your favor if you keep one shirt plain and the other with a pattern, such as above with a blue T-shirt and plaid. When headed out in the fall, think simple and layered for quick looks to get to class on time.

One Simple Change: One simple change to this outfit that can bring it from class in the fall to winter would be to pair this look with a leather jacket or wool coat.