It’s finally to that time of the year: yellow and orange leaves, pumpkins and the crisp weather to match—unless you live in Southern California, that is. Here, everything is still green (or brown) and hot. With all of the stores beginning to sell fall sweaters, it can be difficult to plan an outfit that matches the autumn season while staying cool.

Despite all of that, this Fashionista manages to dress for both the heat and the season. Although her maxi skirt reflects autumn nature with its beautiful olive green color, the lightweight material allows her to stay cool while making the trek to class. The double slits on the sides allow for a flowing feel that is reminiscent of summer. She pairs the skirt with a neutral white crop top and a vertical striped over-shirt. The layers give the outfit a distinctly fall-ish feel, but they aren’t so heavy that she’ll be uncomfortable throughout the day.

To complete her SoCal fall look, this Fashionista accessorizes with gold-toned jewelry. Her simple necklace nicely sets off the casual effect of her ensemble, paired with a gray and rose gold watch, an essential accessory that adds classiness to any outfit. She finishes the look off with a pair of Birkenstocks, a fashionable yet comfy addition to complete her outfit.

One Simple Change: This is an extremely versatile outfit that could really be used for any occasion. It would be perfect for brunch or even traveling with the simple add-on of a hat, preferably also in fall colors.