October 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

As the leaves change and fall comes tumbling into central Ohio, the weather becomes about as unpredictable as Miley Cyrus. The mornings begin cool and crisp, only to leave you sweating and red-faced by noon.

What, you ask, could possibly be the solution to this all-consuming dilemma? Well, my friends. You have come to the right place.

The answer: layers. Yes, a technique so practical and conventional, yet not always employed. Many times I have woke up shivering in the morning and donned my favorite winter wear, only to regret it come the afternoon. And there I am, stuck in my sweltering sweater until I can scamper home between classes and change. That is, until I witnessed all of the functional layering donned by my fellow students.

This Fashionisto nails the strategy with a navy button-up tucked underneath a light gray zip up. This shirt is a classic piece, with the timeless fit making it versatile while the neutral navy color allows it to be paired with virtually anything—a wardrobe staple. The hoodie follows suit with practicality, as the flexible color can easily be matched and the casualness of the jacket allows it to be dressed up or down. The two garments paired together add warmth without bulk and look effortlessly cool. Medium gray twill pants and brown derby shoes keep the remainder of the look neutral. A classic black backpack polishes off the simple, yet pulled-together ensemble.

One Simple Change: If you’re darting between classes and have no time to run home before that important interview or internship, ditch the hoodie and throw on a cardigan and tie. The traditional fit and color of the shirt, pants and shoes are turned fancy in a flash with these added bonuses.