October 22nd, 2015 at 2:10am

I’ve always considered October to be the month filled with fear. After all, some of us consider it to be the month long celebration of Halloween. When we were younger this fear was probably more concerned with the monster that lived under our beds; but, for us college students October has instilled fear out of anticipation of midterms, and the barren wasteland that has become our social lives leading up to some of the most stressful weeks of class.

With all this stress in mind and the cooling temperatures, spotting the fashionably inclined becomes an easy task. Most students have already given up on perfecting their first impression wardrobes and opt for my personal favorite look—the all sweatshirt ensemble. Style after all is usually the first thing that takes the backburner when classes get crazy. This Fashionista however clearly knows how to keep everything in balance. Simplicity is key especially when you spend more time in class than anywhere else. This style savvy lady pairs a lace tank top in one of the most popular colors of the fall—gray, with an intricately knit cardigan for an OOTD that provides comfort and looks polished all day long. She avoids the fashion blues by combining it all with a faithful pair of blue toned skinny jeans that are cuffed in a chic fashion. Add on some cork flats and a crystal statement necklace and you’re ready to raise your hand and grab attention all class long!

One Simple Change: Have a big presentation after your first class? Carry a pair of simple kitten heels in your backpack, and swap out the flats right before you present. Not only will your feet thank you for the last minute switch, but also, your professor will notice your attempt to impress during your A-worthy presentation.