October 23rd, 2015 at 2:10am

While college classes can be a sea of leggings and spirit T-shirts, there is the occasional spotting of a Fashionista/o showing off their own style. They say that you do better when you dress up; whether that is true or not, I know that when I look better, I feel better.

We can’t keep warm enough for our morning classes, but on the other hand, we are wanting to shed almost every layer we have on by the afternoon due to this fluctuating fall weather. This Fashionista solves this problem with her fantastic outfit. The turtleneck sweater is sure to keep her warm, but since it’s sleeveless, she stays cool when the sun starts blazing. She rocks a flawless transitional fall style with her booties, making a statement that says “I’m not quite ready for winter yet” through the nude color and peep toe shape. This Fashionista also breaks what some call a fashion rule: don’t wear white after Labor Day. However, she does this in good taste. The contrast of her top and pants draw your eyes straight to the phenomenal ensemble.

On top of this outfit being wonderful for the weather, it is also perfect for class because of its simplicity and comfort factor. Not over accessorizing allows for easy walking in between class buildings as well as peaceful sitting while listening to lectures. The Fashionista tops off her appearance with an impeccable shade of red lips for fall, nails manicured with a lovely dark polish and shows state pride with her gold “Kentucky” necklace.

One Simple Change: Want to take this class look to a date look? Throw on a leather jacket for a seamless, casual date outfit. With a leather jacket, you’ll impress your date and keep warm when the sun goes down!