October 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

We all know that the first day of classes can be extremely intimidating. There are a million things crossing your mind: who’s going to be in the class, how big is the class, is the teacher boring? However, most importantly: WHAT TO WEAR! While making a mess of your room doesn’t help when trying to put together that perfect outfit, neither do the butterflies in your stomach. Either way, you’re not alone in this situation! As I do best as a Style Guru, I’ll save you a few strands of hair that you haven’t already pull out from stressing.

This Fashionista is playing it cool with some plain colors, and isn’t trying to standout like a clown on the first day of class. Naturally, as a Barbie doll, you don’t need an out-of-the-box outfit to back you up. Minimalistic outfits are the answer for first impressions; keeping it simple with sharp details is what’s key in today’s fashion. This blondie is being extra RAD with her crisp, white Brandy Melville T-shirt, making the outfit blend with a light denim long sleeve shirt wrapped around her waist.

It is always nice to have an option of warmth if the classroom or weather becomes chilly. Leggings are extremely popular for girls both in high school and college; they’re convenient to throw on and match with any kind of day-to-day attire. Keeping it extra fresh, the Fashionista has on a pair of white high-top kicks to match her shirt.

One Simple Change: After your nerve-wracking first day back, you’re probably starving and maybe have a date lined up. This Fashionista could throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans to give her a more easygoing look.