WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

July 15th, 2016 at 2:10am

Here in Canada we celebrate Canada Day on July 1st and this year marks its 149th birthday. We embody our most patriotic selves and celebrate our country… Or is it just another excuse to party? Nevertheless, it’s a time where friends and family gather and enjoy each other’s company. Canada’s national colours are red and white: you can see people decked out in themed outfits that are much too often a flashy show of patriotism, but who says you have to sacrifice fashion to prove your love for your country?

This Fashionisto does Canadian style right by creating a subtle yet thematic outfit that can be worn both for the occasion and out. The star of his outfit is this limited edition “Mountie” printed graphic T-shirt from Toronto’s very own Drake General Store (more nationalistic pride here). Mounties or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are our federal and national police force, easily recognizable with their bright red uniforms and taupe hats. The T-shirt is filled with small pixelated saluting RCMPs, can you get any more Canadian than that?

Aside from the patriotic twist, he still maintains his personal style by pairing the T-shirt with a pair of rolled-up navy chinos and a pair of well-worn oxford dress shoes. This outfit is perfect for that summer BBQ celebration or at the beach waiting for the fireworks to start. A T-shirt like that will be a great conversation starter and he surely will be one of the best dressed out there!

One Simple Change: This T-shirt is versatile enough to be worn pretty much as a base to anything. While this Fashionisto has more of a classy take due to his oxford dress shoes, you could trade it for a pair of casual lifestyle athletic shoes and maybe throw on a bomber jacket for a super casual, yet stylish look, for a weekend wear look.