WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

With the semester coming to a halt and dreaded finals quickly creeping upon us, we can’t help but think about one thing: the holidays.  We can hardly sit still thinking about the smell of cookies baking in the oven, the twinkling lights that outline our homes and the holiday parties that give us an excuse to put on our best dress and heels and rock the colder weather. This Fashionista does an awesome job of flaunting her holiday spirit while keeping warm in the winter.

Goodbye warm weather and hello dark clothes. With the strange in-between hot and cold weather we’ve been having lately, it’s important to find a balance between bright and dark clothes. This Fashionista does just that with her flared navy blue, orange and white dress. The three-quartered sleeves provides warmth, while the the subtly bold pattern makes it impossible not to notice her. She pairs this dress with a gold statement necklace, similar to this one. The addition of the necklace adds a little shine to the ensemble without overpowering and clashing with the dress.

I love the addition of these brown booties, because they dress up the outfit while adding a little fun with the open back. She chooses to add similar jewelry to her wrist by keeping it classy with a silver watch. My favorite part about this Fashionista’s outfit is her simple makeup. With a geometric printed dress, it’s important to go subtle on the makeup, and this Fashionista captures that simplicity.  Her use of neutrals and browns add some shimmer to her natural look that make her eyes pop.

Grab a few of your closest friends and have a holiday party you’ll never forget, all while looking trendy and chic and bearing the cold! Happy holidays everyone!

One Simple Change: Not having the best hair day? Ditch the necklace and add a brown floppy hat to hide those unruly hairs. Meet your best friends at your favorite brunch place and you’ll be sure to be the best dressed there!