WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

Going to the University of South Florida is such an awesome experience. I meet new people all the time from all over the world. It’s an eye opening experience to move away from home and meet people from different cultures. It’s a very humbling experience and I would recommend any high school senior to go to a large university to experience the beauty of diversity there. It’s a humbling experience.

This African prince here is from Nigeria. Nigeria recently celebrated 55th year of independence on October first. In homage to Nigeria this Fashionisto wore a traditional Nigerian outfit, a dashiki. A dashiki is normally a traditional colorful or creatively design west african garment worn by men and women. Traditional African clothing are so beautiful. Many people where them to celebrations such as weddings, parties, and formal events, to represent themselves.

His outfit design in such a classic way. His outfit is very classic and clean to the cut. He paired his outfit with a silver Kenneth Cole watch, some traditional beaded bracelets and wore rusty brown colored Coach shoes. His outfit was made by his personal tailor back home in Nigeria. I asked this fashionisto what makes his outfit so special and why does he love it so much? This fashionisto replied “I like it because it’s a beautiful representative of my cultural heritage.” Well said prince, well said.

Many people have stereotypes of people from different places, especially in Africa. But what many fail to do is actually find out for themselves to see if those stereotypes are true, which often they are not. Africa is such a beautiful place with over 50 countries, people cannot place one type on all countries. Visit Africa, see the people, eat the food, dance to the music, and experience the nature. It’s worth it. Last but not least, wear the fashion! Incorporate it into your own, by either the beautiful accessories, or the clothing.

One Simple Change: You can wear this outfit in its entirety to a date as well. Impress your date with how proud you are of your culture. It’s also a great conversation starter!