WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

It’s summer, which means wedding season is here and it’s time to find the perfect dress! Though you may not be the bride-to-be (yet), finding the perfect dress to attend a friend’s wedding is still crucial. The key to finding the perfect dress for such a special celebration is discovering your happy medium. This is someone else’s special day, so we want a conservative look that says we know what we are doing but certainly doesn’t scream, “Hey! Look at me!”

There are many factors in finding the perfect dress for this summer celebration. The first, of course, is the dress code. Most weddings will fall under the category of cocktail (semi-formal) unless otherwise noted, especially if they begin after 5:00 p.m. If they are inside, the fabric choice can vary vastly but a soft and flowy silk like the one this Fashionista is wearing from Line & Dot suits the occasion perfectly. However, keep in mind that it is still silk. It is stunning, but when you get out in the heat, nothing will highlight your sweat better. It has an uncanny ability to make a little perspiration look like you got caught in a rainstorm (I’m speaking from experience). So, if you’re lucky enough to be attending an inside event, try this look! If not, opt for something a little more breathable (cotton or linen) that still has little lace embellishment like this one for added femininity.

Another code to abide by when viewing vows is color. Do not be “that girl” that wore tan or off-white, thinking that it would be far enough from white that it wouldn’t look like you were trying to compete with the bride. Lighting can change everything. Trust me. Your “off white” can turn Snow White in the bright light. With beautiful summer weather approaching, there is no need to stay neutral anyways. The light pink on this Fashionista is a safe and beautiful choice. It also has a high neckline and a very figure-flattering cut. It is synched in at the waist, which accentuates curvature while also slimming the arms with an inward cut at the shoulders.

She paired this pink-pocketed dress with this nude pump by ALDO, detailed elephant bracelet by Forever 21, and a small clutch by Louis Vuitton in Damier Azur. This clutch ties in the neutral shoe, while the bracelet ties in the subtle gold hardware of the clutch and silver-set earrings and lace embellishments in the dress. This gives the look a well-rounded, sophisticated feel that will have you catching the bouquet and the eyes of on-lookers.

One Simple Change: For date night, ditch the pumps for a crystal embellished sandal like these.