WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

July 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

A clean and polished look is the way you want to go for a celebration. Whether it’s a birthday dinner, holiday party, graduation or basically any random excuse to party, this clean-cut look is probably your best choice. It’s festive but not over the top. Some of your friends may opt for the basic T-shirt and jeans, but it’s better to look overdressed than underdressed.

This Fashionisto’s outfit is on point. Pairing a navy blazer with slate colored chinos is the start of this outfit. Beyond that, he wore several smaller pieces that built up the look. His purple silk tie brings attention to the outfit since it’s in the center of the body. To keep the color consistent throughout the outfit, he paired the tie with a pair of purple socks. Adding flare and a dash of color to the ensemble, he tucked in a brown pocket square decorated with little red birds. His leather belt and penny loafers kept the color going throughout the outfit once again. For added detail, the Fashionisto wore a whale tie pin and two pins on his lapel.

This Fashionisto definitely knew how to carry several shades in his outfit and make it work so it doesn’t look like a clash of colors. Remember, use small hints of a color throughout the outfit. This will bring the look together and keep it from looking like a hot mess. Keep these tips in mind when prepping for an event and you’ll surely be the talk of the night!

One Simple Change: Leave the blazer and tie behind and switch out the chinos for a pair of Chubbies shorts. Roll up the sleeves on your button-up, and you’re ready to go out for the day. With these simple changes, you will achieve a preppy summer look!