WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

Everyone knows that summer is the season for celebrations. The hot months usher in an abundance of events including graduation parties, banquets and, of course, weddings. With the warm weather, there is also an array of dresses and styles to choose from. Some Fashionistas may choose to go with a delicate floral pattern, while some may opt for a bright, bold pattern. The goal is to establish a summer wardrobe that will remain fresh from the start of summer, up until school starts again in the fall.

This Fashionista chose a floral pastel ensemble to attend an outdoor summer wedding. She is wearing a beautiful white dress covered in baby blue flowers, which brings out the blue in her eyes. The A-line skirt also does a good job of accentuating her waist and creating an Hourglass figure. The print and cut of the dress are also slightly reminiscent of the 1950s style housewife dresses. To complement the blue in the dress, this Fashionista paired a set of blue gemstone bracelets that perfectly mirror the blue hues of her dress. A pearly pair of baby blue pumps completes the look, mirroring the colors of the dress and the bracelets.

Keeping the colors consistent in this ensemble creates a soft, beautiful summer look that can be worn to any formal summer celebration.

One Simple Change: Switch out the pumps for a pair of simple flats, perhaps in a metallic shade, and grab a matching clutch to create the perfect Sunday morning brunch outfit!