WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

Get your sparklers ready… The Fourth of July is nearly here! It’s been 239 years since Thomas Jefferson wrote the world’s greatest break-up letter (a.k.a. the Declaration of Independence), and any of you who have experienced the joy of leaving behind a crazy ex will agree that this is a reason to celebrate!

We Americans pride ourselves on a deep passion for our country, but before you commit to a jumpsuit and bandana covered in stars and stripes for this holiday, let me suggest a different, more palatable, way to show off your patriotism. This Fashionista incorporates red and blue into her look in a way that is both tasteful and creative, giving a whole new meaning to America the beautiful!

Two-piece outfits have risen in popularity over the last year and they have quickly found their way into the closets of girls who love effortlessly cute outfits. Two-pieces are easily worn in nearly any circumstance, making it the perfect choice for this Fourth of July. It’s the type of outfit that can easily transfer from a backyard barbecue to a fireworks show on the beach. This two-piece in particular is flowy and breathes easily, which is imperative for a holiday smack dab in the heat of summer.

This Fashionista chose to pair her outfit with a pair of strappy sandals that have a low, thick heel. If you don’t have a pair of shoes like this yet, I highly recommend investing in some! They are neutral in color but the straps are still enough to make a statement. The thick heel is my favorite part of these shoes because they are so comfortable. They’re the perfect type of shoe for any caliber of dressing—from casual to formal and everything in between. This Fashionista even adds a few details that tie the whole look together: American-red lipstick and blue-tinted shades.

One Simple Change: When you want to be festive in a two-piece, look for one that is a typical holiday color (i.e. red for Christmas or light pastel shades for Easter). If you’re looking to wear the same two-piece multiple times, it’s also key to choose a pattern or print that isn’t specific to a certain event. As mentioned before, this Fashionista’s two-piece is versatile for so many events, and this is due to the unassuming nature of the pattern. She can wear this for Independence Day but can also wear it casually any other day! Switch out the heels for a pair of flat sandals and add a matching felt Panama hat for a casual feel.