WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

Your best friend has invited you to her birthday dinner, there’s a holiday right around the corner or your grandmother is turning 90; regardless of the occasion, there are certain events that call for a special type of outfit. Celebrations of any kind are an opportunity to show off your cutest, classiest pieces that you may otherwise have trouble finding an excuse to sport. Take advantage of having a reason to dress up and get a little fancier than usual.

This Fashionista stunned at her family party in a royal blue button-down, printed skirt, nude heels and delicate accessories. She dressed this look down with a wide variety of accessories in order to avoid being too dressy. Her light, chiffon scarf flowed in the wind while her silver bangles and earrings shone in the spring sunlight. Her look was family-friendly without being the slightest bit tacky or matronly, a balance that I find many individuals struggling to achieve.

Just because you may be seeing grandma doesn’t mean you have to dress like her. You very well may have the most fashionable grandmother out there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that what looks good on her looks good on you. So take it from this Fashionista, don’t be afraid to show a little skin. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. You rock that A-line mini, just make sure to avoid the sky-high heels and low-cut tops and you’ve got a look that both you and grandma can agree on. Pieces like pearls and button-down tops are timeless, and celebrations are the perfect occasions to incorporate them into your look!

One Simple Change: Taking this look from a celebration to a girl’s night out would be easier than you might think. Simply throw on a leather jacket, swap out the pumps for a pair of heeled booties, maybe even throw on some tights and you’re ready for whatever the night holds.