WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

Finally, spring has sprung here on Rocky Top. The weather is gorgeous and spring trends are beginning to make their debut in class and on the streets of downtown Knoxville. With the emergence of spring comes outdoor cookouts and parties just because the weather is nice. During this time, layers are the smartest way to dress because you can never tell when it might warm up or cool down.

This Fashionisto dressed really well in layers. His light purple button-down shirt is the perfect way to welcome spring colors into his wardrobe and the light tan jacket is a great topper to his wardrobe. By creating layers, his outfit can stand with or without the jacket and still look good. This Fashionisto paid really close attention to details, especially throughout his color schemes. He used the purple as the accent piece and kept the other colors minimal, and by doing this he kept the focus on his button-down shirt. He matched all of his jewelry from his earrings down to his watch and even his belt buckle.

For Fashionistos, layering comes pretty easily. The hardest part for the guys is layering with textures and patterns. Fashionistos, you can mix textures and patterns, but don’t get too crazy with it. Sometimes less is more. For Fashionistas, layering is difficult because of all of the different pieces of clothing. Fashionistas, don’t fret. Take a breath and get creative with it.

One Simple Change: Have a date night soon? Grab a skinny tie and dress up your outfit. She’ll be impressed, I promise.