WHAT TO WEAR: Casual yet Cute for Class

WHAT TO WEAR: Casual yet Cute for Class

Now that springtime has finally arrived, it has become socially acceptable to get unnecessarily fabulous for class and dress up in your cutest, most forgotten outfits from those unending winter months. If you’ve forgotten what it’s like to dress for the sun and expose some unshaven leg, this Fashionista can provide some inspiration on what to wear to a lovely day of classes.

This Fashionista paired a flirty, floral-printed dress perfect for the returned warmth with a light blue/gray cardigan just in case the breeze decided to pick back up. Coupling a short tank dress with a comfy open sweater is ideal for spring and the college classroom, and allows for a quick change depending on the temperamental weather. To avoid rushing the seasons, this Fashionista wore low-rise leather ankle boots, going hand in hand with the toasty sweater. Wearing booties and a cardigan is a great way to avoid looking too summery in a short dress and the overall pairing creates a happy, exuberant look that can be comfortably worn all day.

The small details were clearly important to this Fashionista, as she layered some serious silver arm-candy on both wrists. A chunky watch on one wrist is a classic look for any outfit, and the multiple bangles on the opposite arm give flair and spice to the simple look. It’s important to remember to avoid overdoing it, and this Fashionista made sure to keep it classy and aesthetically matching with blue/gray tones and minimal other jewelry.

Spring is arguably the most exciting time for fashion, as there’s no better feeling than finally ditching the itchy turtleneck for a flowing, showy dress that highlights your slightly-more-than-pale kneecaps. This look is a springtime classic and can serve as great inspiration for your next 65 degree Monday!