WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Seizes The Day

For most people figuring out what to wear before heading out of the house it plays a huge role in their life. Especially for all of us who change their outfit a million times before leaving the house like me. Knowing what to wear especially in Chicago, with the weather either feeling like spring or winter it could be quite difficult to find the perfect look for going to class or out with friends. For those who don’t want to overly dress up or dress down, casual is the perfect in between for any occasion.

The other day I discovered this look on campus and I thought it was the perfect style for going to school or for many other occasions. This Fashionista’s style is not too much nor too little, it is the perfect in-between. The bomber jacket from Express she is wearing really adds to the outfit and creates a dressier look to it. Whereas her distressed jeans and sweater are very casual and laid back, which makes it a look that is perfectly casual. They even offer DIYs if you are looking to create your jeans into distressed jeans on Pinterest, and many YouTube bloggers offer videos on how to distress your jeans. Distressed jeans are a major trend in today’s fashion and can be found in stores such as H&M, Forever 21, Express,Topshop and many other stores that offer the latest fashion. Her Timberland boots that she is wearing are to die for and are great for keeping your feet warm in the winter here in Chicago. Timberlands are constantly seen in fashion today and luckily, they go with almost every outfit in the fall, winter and some of the spring. Timberland boots are commonly sold at Champs, Footlocker, Urban Outfitters and many other popular stores that carry major shoe brands. Her outfit is very trendy and laid back which is part of the reason it caught my eye.

Casual is always a great look and a perfect balance for any occasion. It is always the way to go if you are not sure what to wear to class or for going out with friends.