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WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Outfit to Swoon Any Girl

March 3rd, 2017 at 2:00am

Even though college is stressful, students, especially college freshmen, are too young to have a bad outfit. This outfit is a casual look for college guys, and it is not too fancy, but it is fancy enough for any girl to take a good glance at a guy. Wearing a good outfit is great because a classroom is a professional setting. Although there might be people that will argue against this statement, a classroom is where students network. If I saw someone with pajamas on in a classroom, I wouldn’t take the person serious and neither would the professor. That is a reason why this outfit is perfect.

The shirt is made from a close-fitting material. The traditional knit wool-blend sweater from H&M is a combination of different colors, and the colors create the uniqueness. The sweater that this Fashionisto chose to wear is worn with a  Urban Outfitters Stevens Poplin button-down shirt, and this gives the outfit a sharp and dynamic look.

The open collar shirt is well groomed, so it makes the whole outfit desirable. His dark blue jeans are handsomely tailored and go perfectly with the boots. The way he rolled up the jeans not only makes the outfit unique, but it adds a spice of glam to the whole outfit. The gray Chelsea boot is from Urban Outfitters as well. I love the look of these boots because they can be worn with any outfit. The suede boots and the entire outfit is great for the winter, the fall, and the spring but most importantly, it is a great outfit to swoon any girl.