WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Glam

In between classes, work, and keeping a social life, we get busy. Not to mention we have to bear the weather too. With the chilly wind blowing, and the things we want to get done, obviously we want to remain stylish. That’s a no brainer. The look I photographed here is a perfect example of how to be causal with a touch of some glamour during our day to day excursions, all while fighting off the winter blues and chills.

In this look I wanted to highlight the bomber jacket with a leopard lining. While outside this looks like your normal black coat, inside it screams Fashionista. The jacket can keep you warm while also maintaining your stylish side. Underneath the jacket is a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt that adds a playful touch to the outfit as a whole. For the pants and shoes this Fashionista chose to wear a casual pair of black pants and white Adidas shoes since she is always on the move. This look can easily be replicated, and the pants could be switched out for a pair of jeans, or warm leggings.

The makeup you can wear for this look is versatile. The Fashionista in the photograph decided to remain fresh and natural with a little bit of pink gloss on her lips. Her hair was curled and this tied the whole look together. If you don’t want to keep your hair down, a bun or a ponytail would also work.

Now that you have read how to create this look, you can be a Fashionista/o on your campus! Just remember, you can always be stylish even in the most comfortable of ways.