WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Friday

WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Friday

As much as I love to get glammed up and have at least one sparkly/sequined clothing item in each of my outfits, sometimes less is really more. Casual clothes don’t necessarily equate to boring looks and lazy fashion tendencies. A laidback style can be just as expressive as an overly glittered one (and by the way, there’s no such thing as “overly glittered” in my fashion handbook). While walking between classes, one Fashionista showed me how casual clothes can put the cool back into collegiate dressing.

This Fashionista decided to don a gray T-shirt dress to class. The bat sleeves and overall free flow of this dress make it not only a stylish item to own, but a practical one. Who said clothing couldn’t be cute and comfortable?

Because this dress is simple, it can be styled in an infinite number of ways with various different takes. Such a staple piece left this Fashionista with the job of elevating her look through her choice of accessories. Rather than sticking to the current popularized shoe, the over-the-knee boot, this Fashionista smartly paired her dress with a pair of lace-up ankle booties. The unexpected pairing added to the cool aura of her look.

As for color, this Fashionista went for the shade taking over the season: red. She sported a red knit infinity scarf to keep the cozy vibes, and allowed red ankle socks, in a slightly brighter hue, to peek from the tops of her booties to add more interest to the look. She finished off everything with a pair of gold aviator sunglasses, the shades giving off major “been there, don’t care” vibes.

This piecing together of casual apparel is definitely an outfit cool enough to give you chills. It may be spring, but the winter weather is still lingering, and apparently, so is cool attire.

What can I say?

Mike Posner would be so jealous.