WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Day Out

I have yet to focus on men’s fashion, but I recently ran into one Fashionisto with impeccable daytime style. Summer is about finding an outfit that tells others about your own self in an uncomplicated way. You do not want to wear too much because of the heat, but you still want to display your inner style to the people around you. This Fashionisto paired a simple but distinct denim button-down, which sports a floral pocket, with a pair of lightly colored cargo shorts. This look is perfect for everyday style or a casual daytime event!

This look is ideal for any casual day out because it can be either dressed up or dressed down. He kept it simple by adding a pair of Nike Air Jordans, which make the outfit more casual, but at the same time, the bright blue and white colors of the sneakers draw onlooker’s attention to them. They add a little bit of spice to his daily look.

My favorite part of the look is his choice of button-down. The washed out denim color paired with the lightly accented floral pocket creates a fashion statement. The colors are so delicate that they are not too flashy, but they provide the Fashionisto with a way to promote his own unique style softly and elegantly.

One Simple Change: Dress the outfit up with a pair of more formal shorts, that way you can take the button-down from day to night with just one change. With such a simple, yet exclusive shirt, it is easy to switch your look from casual to dressy by changing the shorts that go with it!