WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Cute for Chapter

No matter what school you go to, every sorority girl knows the struggle of having to pick yourself off the couch, or in my case, out of my bed, to get dressed up for chapter. In theory, I should love getting ready for chapter, as dressing up for events is one of my favorite things. However, after three back-to-back classes on Monday, the last thing I want to do come 5:30 p.m. is get dolled up. This lack of motivation, coupled with the conservative dress code for chapter often leaves me surrounded by piles of discarded looks on the floor and five minutes until chapter starts.

It has taken me two years to finally master the art of throwing on the perfect chapter ensemble, like the one that this Fashionista rocks. Her burgundy dress with 3/4 length sleeves is perfect for the mild winter weather in Georgia, while still being seasonably appropriate. This Fashionista also rocks a white lace bralette, which gives her look a boho vibe but still looks conservative when paired with her dress. To finish off the look, this Fashionista dons a pair of brown leather booties with cool woven detailing and an ever-popular double wrap necklace.

Though the official dress code may be “business casual,” everyone knows that chapter outfits are really all about being trendy but also conservative. This Fashionista has created a look that checks both those boxes. The neckline and length of the dress are modest, but the details such as the bell sleeves and the metallic buttons give it a boho vibe. Like me, this Fashionista relies on her accessories to make her look on trend and fun.

The beauty of the perfect chapter look is that you can wear it to other events after, as it seems everything happens on a Monday night in college. This ensemble would work for church, for a committee meeting, or even for a date. Though I don’t think my lack of motivation to dress myself for chapter will ever change, my outlook on my style for chapter certainly has after seeing this Fashionista’s outfit. Come next Monday I’ll still be dragging myself out of bed, but I won’t be struggling with what to wear.