WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Class

WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Class

Here at Ohio University, we definitely like to keep things casual, especially when going to class. It’s not really a beauty contest here, but people are so good at showing off their different styles. You will find so many different looks in class and around campus.

I thought that this look was perfect for class or just going uptown for lunch. The Fashionista I found is a sophomore studying retail merchandising and fashion product development here at OU. With that, she has some passion for fashion, and it definitely shows.

This Fashionista layered denim with light wash jeans and also a jean jacket with black cotton sleeves. The floral graphic T-shirt keeps it casual but adds color and detail to the look. The style of Vans she has on is very popular on campus and a must-have everyday shoe. They are more of a high-top and can pair nicely with just about anything. Her accessories really add some pop to the look as well .The gold “crybaby” necklace stands out against the white roses on the T-shirt, and it hangs down to a good spot on her chest. The camouflage beanie tops it off. In my opinion, you can add camo to everything. It works nicely with the orange and adds more pattern to the look as well.

This is a perfect example of a casual look anyone could wear to class, lunch, or just chilling with friends. With an outfit like this, you know you’ll be looking good. Pay attention to your classmates, observe all the different styles at your university, and get inspired!