WHAT TO WEAR: Campus Cruisin’ With No Pants On

I grew up in a place where everyone believed in athleisure before it was a thing. People wore yoga pants or leggings with UGGs and The North Face jackets. That was pretty much me every day.

Since then, leggings and casual wear have come a long way. Now, there’s all these leggings with crazy patterns and textures—and even ones posing as pants (the famous jeggings). People love leggings because, as one Fashionista puts it, “I feel like I’m not wearing pants.” It’s noted. People like to wear clothing that makes them feel like they’re not wearing clothing.

I don’t know about you all, but I feel like pajamas are pretty similar to going bare in feel. And that’s why people roll out of bed in their sweats and oversized T-shirts and head up to campus. There are solutions that will make you feel better though. Dressing up just a little more will give you the confidence you need to ace those classes.

This Fashionista is donning some super chic leggings with a crisscross pattern running down the sides. Not only are they pajama-like comfy, but they make her looked a little dressier than if she’d stepped out in her pajamas. Then, instead of just keeping on that oversized T-shirt, this Fashionista put on a casual cotton T-shirt with a sweet graphic. The white on black creates a great contrast that creates interest in her outfit. So not only is this Fashionista killing it in the fashion department, but she’s also killing it in the comfort department.

To add dimension to her outfit, this Fashionista added a little color contrast. She starts with a green zip-up jacket (much quicker than a button-up). This is a great choice for campus, where you’re going in and out of buildings because the weather is still temperamental enough to force you to take your jacket off multiple times a day. The zipper will make it nice and easy to transition with the heat.

For her feet, this Fashionista goes with a stylish, easy choice. You all know that I love cheetah, so I’m loving this Fashionista’s kicks. Plus, booties are the easiest shoes to slip on and off. Just like the jacket, these booties make for a quick change. Right when you get home from campus, you can quickly kick off those shoes and put your heels up.

The final and coolest piece in this outfit is the oversized bag. It’s bright and bold, and the white in the bag ties together nicely with the white in the graphic on the T-shirt. Its size makes it perfect to bring onto campus too, fitting your laptop and all your class materials.

So next time you roll out of bed to head to campus, throw on some patterned leggings, a cute graphic T-shirt, and various easy-to-shed extras instead of staying in your sweats. You’ll look fashion-friendly, but better yet, you’ll feel pajama-comfy.