January 31st, 2017 at 2:00am

You’re a mess. You have two different shoes on, your hair is still only halfway curled and you’re way too frazzled to even think about attempting to wing your eyeliner yet. Half of your closet is strewn across your room, and your roommate currently hates your guts for it. If you don’t get your act together soon, you’ll miss your train, but you just can’t figure out what to wear! Yup, that’s right, you’re going to New York City…for brunch. The pressure is on.

Going to brunch is about much more than simply eating delicious foods with your pinkies up. Brunch is a unique social occasion, with a specific etiquette, and with certain sartorial expectations. Brunch in the city (we New Yorkers love to call it “the city”…because everyone totally knows know we’re talking about Manhattan, right?), is even more of a saga! After brunch, you and your friends will be roaming the streets of NYC looking for cool thrift stores to shop in, and interesting murals to take pictures in front of (come on, I nailed it, didn’t I?) Either way, you want to look your best, and really make a statement because you didn’t travel all the way to the city to not come back with a cute Instagram picture! Besides, it’s nice to feel like an individual in a sea of people. Going into Manhattan is always exciting for me because I feel like I can take on any identity I want, which also means I can take any fashion risks I want! The city is a land of possibilities, which calls for you to be on your A-game in terms of style.

This Fashionista has the right idea, and is dressed perfectly for a brunch in the notorious Big Apple. I know what you’re thinking: wow, that’s an awfully trendy outfit…yes, this look is extremely trendy, and that’s exactly what a brunch in the city calls for! This Fashionista is rocking black knee-high boots, a black faux fur vest, and of course, her pink Ray-Bans. But wait, there’s more! She’s also sporting a black suede choker necklace. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but chokers have taken the fashion world by storm within the past year, and I kind of love it! The only other ’90s comeback that I was more excited for was Pokémon, and that’s saying a lot! Nevertheless, in general, we’re seeing a shift of emphasis moving towards the neck, whether it be in clothing, or jewelry. Lastly, the Fashionista is topping it off with a black floppy hat, an accessory that I’m always a huge fan of whenever it can be popped onto an outfit.

Now that you hopefully have a little inspiration, don’t stress too much about what to wear out to the city, even for brunch! Just have fun with it, because if there’s any place where the rules of fashion can be tested, it’s NYC, baby.