WHAT TO WEAR: Brunch Date

Hello, fellow Fashionistas! I’m sure you’ve all had the pleasure of having a brunch date whether it was with your mom, your bestie, or significant other. This mixture of breakfast and lunch with so many Instagram worthy moments seems too perfect, what’s not to love besides the dilemma of putting together an outfit? The word brunch brings the word casual and cute to mind. Finding the balance among these things may be difficult but this Fashionista has nailed it!

Her look is effortless but still has an aura of sleekness to it. The basics of her outfit are laidback with her pairing of an deep orange sweater, mom jeans, and oxfords. She dresses up these basics with a tan leather over the shoulder bag, statement earrings, and rings. All these pieces together create a casual and chic street style look that is perfect for brunch.

Depending on where you live, this may be too much or too little to protect from the coldness of winter! If you have to deal with harsh winters, like me, feel free to put on your favorite coat to stay warm. You can even add a scarf or hat. If it is too hot to wear a sweater swap it out for a T-shirt and your problems are solved!

I love this look because of how simple it is to recreate. It consists of many staple pieces many of us own, such as a sweater, blue jeans, statement earrings, and a purse. These are the key components you need to rock a similar outfit! This look is also super versatile and can be worn to run errands or to class. The opportunities to wear it are endless!