Brunch is definitely one of my favorite things. I love waking up and starting my day with a good meal, and deciding what to wear on a sunny weekend morning is so fun. Whether you are just snagging a bite to eat or running around the city afterward, it is great to always try a new casual outfit. New does not mean that an outfit has to include every trend we are seeing today, but it means combining what inspires you right now with what your style is. Always having classics in your wardrobe, in my book, is a great rule to have. It allows you to be versatile and still keep a sense of who you are and not being overloaded by what is popular.

This Fashionista shows off her style by combining classics and trends. She takes a simple white button-down blouse and pairs it with dark denim jeans. These base items can be taken any direction based on what your personal style looks like! She adds a neckerchief with a classic striped print and a pair of slip-on loafers. By adding the mixed metal bracelets and a brown leather tote, she elevates her outfit to the next level while still keeping simplicity at the forefront.

It is great to follow trends but an outfit that is only trends can be overwhelming. Try adding a classic piece or two when balancing trends or trying a new one! It is great to see what can come of the old and the new.