September may mean the end of summer for most, but here in Lexington, the sun is still sweltering, making walks downtown a bit torturous. With the heat still beating down heavily, it’s easy to throw style out the window, but this Fashionista has put together an outfit that is perfect for staying cool and comfortable for an outdoor, Sunday brunch.

This Fashionista decided to keep things laid back, opting for a pair of go-to, comfy blue jeans. Cuffed at the ankles, these jeans are the perfect piece for transitioning from summer to the impending fall. And, as we all know, nothing goes better with jeans than a rad T-shirt. You can never go wrong with a black t-shirt, no matter what the time of year is. This Fashionista paired this staple piece with a few other staple items, like her too cool aviator sunglasses, perfect for protecting her eyes from some intense UV rays, and a cute little leather brown bag. Having the perfect small cross-body bag is a must have for every Fashionista’s closet— you can match them with so many outfits, and they are perfect for every occasion. I, myself, have a little black leather bag that I use all the time so I can attest to their power!

The best piece of this Fashionista’s look, and admittedly her favorite as well, are her sleek, white Converse low-tops. They are just casual enough for a morning out with friends, but something as simple as red racing stripes gives them an extra pop of color ideal for any comfy, casual look.