I think we can all agree that some of the best things in life are dressing up and food. Brunch seems to be the new “it” meal nowadays, and if that means it’s acceptable to eat an extra meal throughout the day, I’m on board. Another benefit that comes along with the brunch trend is that it gives us an extra excuse to dress up, and there’s never a wrong reason to get dressed up.

This Fashionista perfected the brunch attire by having the right amount of comfort in her outfit while still looking stylish. The difference between dressing up for brunch and a dinner is that you still have a full day ahead of you when it comes to brunch, so comfort is key. Her brown harem pants are ideal for the occasion as they let her legs breathe, which is a great plus in the Georgia heat. She maintained her look breezy with a loose white V-neck.

There’s a fine line between dressing comfortably and dressing down. The beige hat along with the leopard print loafers are the extra touches that make this Fashionista’s outfit stand out. In most cases, the way you build on an outfit is what makes the outfit noticeable and your own. The simplicity of adding a hat, unique earrings and patterned shoes can take your outfit to the next level. These are also small items that can be easily removed or interchanged after your brunch date if you want to dress down your outfit a bit for the rest of your day.

Enjoy your brunches everyone!