Brunch is regarded as the best part of any weekend by Fashionista/os far and wide. But, what is the driving factor behind the insanely widespread love of brunch? Could it be the delicious culinary creations? Quality time spent catching up with friends? Perhaps its simply because brunch is the perfect occasion to wear your amazing new outfit…

The central goal when putting together a brunch outfit is to look effortlessly chic and cool, concealing the fact that you probably spent far too long planning your look and tried on at least five outfits before selecting the perfect one. This Fashionista looks stylish and put together, but the simplicity of her outfit is perfect for an easy-going brunch setting.

Something about a crisp white shirt makes it stylish every single time. Pair it with a tailored pair of jeans and you have a totally timeless look. Combinations such as these hold their own in a would of fashion fads, as bright white shirts and classic blue jeans should be staple pieces within any wardrobe. The star of this look is definitely the shirt; this Fashionista incorporates the modern trend of an off-the-shoulder top, while still looking timelessly chic.

The coordination of this Fashionista’s black lace-up flats and black purse add an air of sophistication to her look. The purse is just the right size to fit three brunch essentials: a cellphone, wallet and an awesome pair of sunnies. This Fashionista also rocks the choker trend. Her delicate beaded choker adds a subtle touch of color and sparkle with some boho flair. Details like this really make this look pop, because this Fashionista looks put-together, chic and confident!

One Simple Change: Got a long list of errands to run after brunch? Swap the off-the-shoulder blouse for a pocket T-shirt and maybe trade the lace-ups for some sneakers and voila! Now you have a look that is still stylish, but more practical and perfect for a busy Fashionista running errands.