August 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

After those long summer nights, brunch is a must, and what better way to brunch then to do so in style? Brunch is the perfect place to try new chic styles and super trendy looks, which is exactly what this Fashionista did!

Wearing bright colors is always a big trend in the summer, and this Fashionista was able to tie that into her perfect summer brunch outfitshe was able to take a super trendy look and turn it into a casual/lightweight look for any summer day. She started off with a high-rise, light wash pair of shorts (from a thrift store in Portland). The light wash color gave a brighter vibe for a nice summer morning. Next she took a gorgeous, floral button-up sundress from H&M buttoned halfway to use as a top for her outfitperfect piece for a hot day. The bright colors and floral prints are also a great bold statement for the summertime. Besides, who doesn’t love looking at flowers and beautiful colors on a summer day while sipping on some coffee?

The Fashionista decided to accessorize by added a small clutch to hold all of her goodies while out for the day! Lastly, she tied her outfit together with a pair of black, high top converse. This gave the outfit a more versatile and casual look for anything else she could have planned in her day.

One Simple Change: To quickly change this outfit from a daytime look to a night look, you can easily button up the rest of the dress, and add a cute pair of heels! You could also tie your hair up into a half up/half down bun for an even dressier look.