Sunday, besides being the day known for brunch, is also a day known to relax and stay at home in your pajamas catching up on your TV shows before restarting the grind on Monday. However, this Fashionista shows how to be stylish even on the most relaxing day.

Starting off with the Fashionista’s light wash jeans, while being cuffed at the bottom and ripped minimally, they give off simplistic vibes but show extra touch ups. Next, paired with these jeans is a white sleeveless turtleneck tank that you can substitute for a white high neck bodysuit. The baby pink suede lace-up heels bring more texture by being suede and the laces being tied up the legs, which doesn’t make the outfit as casual.

This outfit is fashionable and suitable for brunch because of the ability of transformation from casual to chic and still remaining comfortable while showing off the current trends—What a real Fashionista!

Tip: If you want to add more to this brunch look you can add a black bandana, a belt with a buckle to add some western vibes, hoop earrings and a baby pink watch to match the heels.

One Simple Change: After finishing brunch, the girls want to go into the city for a GNO. Just add these two accessories: A denim hat (which the Fashionista bought on the streets of Soho, NY but you can find one here) to pull off the current denim on denim trend and a black bag with chains to add some more texture.