Endless mimosas? Norwegian eggs benedict? Baked french toast with pecan crumble? Seriously, who doesn’t love brunch!? For any Fashionista/o, brunch is the perfect place to show off your best outfit of the summer. While many believe that the typical brunch outfit involves floral summer dresses or matching solid skirts and tops, this Fashionista defies the typical bright and colorful patterns and dismisses what the world knows as the common brunch outfit.

Her black-inspired brunch attire sparked some curiosity in me as to understand why would anyone in their right mind, wear a black dress during the summer? Her answer was simple, “Real women are not afraid to wear black in the summer.” A laugh followed as she explained that black, is a color she feels more comfortable with and that she’s not afraid to make it a part of her day even in the warm weather. My question was, how did this Fashionista challenge the typical brunch outfit and still made it work?

To add a summery vibe to her black A-line cotton dress, she wore a hip floral-printed blazer with black stripes that ran from her shoulders to her wrists. The flowy dress is always appropriate as the temperature rises and the blazer is more decorative than a necessity. The adidas Superstar sneakers not only scream out her casual-chic personality style, but also add a casual element to the dress and blazer. As any other brunch attendee, she needed somewhere to store all her personal items, such as her lipstick, card holder, etc. Without a doubt, this small black long strap purse did the trick. To add a more feminine touch to this sporty look, she wore her hoop gold-rusted earrings alongside her John Lennon inspired sunglasses that are the perfect combination for any rooftop brunch she would attend.

This Fashionista’s brunch outfit exemplifies how the fashion world has gravitated towards an oxymoron of sneakers and chic outfits. She didn’t fail to show the trend of adidas Superstar sneakers or white sneakers that will match any outfit for any occasion. Today, wearing trendy sneakers to brunch definitely makes for a fashion statement. To all the Fashionistas/os out there, remember that brunching can be as versatile as wearing trendy white sneakers, to wearing espadrille wedges. Don’t be scared to wear black in the summer or anything that you might feel comfortable with for that matter. Challenge the fashion norms and don’t be afraid to play with the newest fashion trends until you find that look that you love.

One Simple Change: Brunch was amazing, but now you want to go out with your friends to have some happy hour cocktails. This outfit can be easily transformed from brunch to girl’s night out. How? Easy! Just change your white sneakers to some stylish lace-up black heels and you’re ready to take on downtown with your girlfriends.