What’s better than making it through the week to Friday? Two words: weekend brunch!

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing better than waking up to a morning filled with ample avocado toast, lattes on tap, exotic french toast and fluffy pancakes and nothing complements a #RAD brunch with your #GuruGang more than rocking the perfect brunch outfit.

While it may be socially acceptable to grab your regular weekday breakfast in your go-to athleisure outfit, work clothes or any form of whatever you put on upon waking up that morning, it seems that there is this unwritten rule that brunch is different. As if every brunch requires a outfit that looks better than the trendy food put on the plates you’re about to consume.

While some of us spend all morning finding the perfect brunch outfit, this Fashionista has the summer brunch look down! So, instead of stressing over what to wear for your next chic brunch take notes from this Fashionista and save yourself the morning stress.

The monochromatic white jeans and white top worn by this Fashionista puts the summer chic in this outfit. But this Fashionista goes beyond that, pairing her all white look with well placed pops of color bringing this brunch outfit to the next level. Tying the blue of the jacket to the blue of the hat gives this Fashionista’s look a refined pop of color without going over the top. Now all you need are strappy sandals paired with a on-trend neck scarf and you too can be this #RAD and ready for your next brunch!

One Simple Change: Take this look from brunch all the way to that girl’s night out you have later with just a few touches! Just swap the all white top and jeans for a dress or romper and you’re good to go from morning brunch to going out with your gals!