With the summer season really hitting us hard these past couple of weeks, what better way to start your day than with brunch? You get to combine breakfast and lunch therefore missing the wave of early morning workers and afternoon teenagers with the added bonus of sleeping in. Plus you can pretend that you and your friends are the same as the girls on Sex and the City, gossiping about boys, fashion and more.

This Fashionista displays a cutesy charm with a flowy dress adorned with geometric shapes. Inspired by the bell bottom style of the ’80s, this dress gives off major bohemian vibes. Which is the feel that our Fashionista was aiming for, she draws her inspirations from the boho looks of Coachella go-ers. This slightly muted look is perfect for sitting pretty and sipping mimosas if you’re of age.

Footwear is a comfortable choice that still manages to look cute. Strappy black wedges add charm to any outfit and as portrayed by this Fashionista, height isn’t always needed. These particular pair of wedges boast the ability to be adjusted and give its wearer a close to perfect fit.

As always, no outfit is complete without accessories. Keeping her dress in mind, our Fashionista chose silver jewelry. Multiple rings on one hand is a look that’s picking up speed, especially with the increase in popularity of the midi rings. Don’t be shy with your rings, wear one on a chain as a necklace that is completely unique to you.

One Simple Change: To make this brunch look more dinner oriented, slick on some red lipstick and wing out that liner. Pair the dress with a cute pair of gladiator sandals or black booties and strut your stuff. Rock this look by adding your confidence to it because everyone’s going to love it as long as you do too.