Summer: a time for college students to go on vacation, travel, take on interviews and work. With all of this in mind we, as students, have to have a lot of energy to get things done! I am constantly thinking about what food I can grab to stay energized. So, what better way to try out new foods than by going out with friends and family? I’ll admit that I’m not a morning person, but breakfast is my favorite food. Thankfully, someone was smart enough to come up with the concept of brunch. Therefore, our sleeping-in days aren’t harmed and we, Fashionistas/os, can have the extra time needed to get ready in the morning. This Fashionista shows off her personal style for what she would wear to brunch after some extra well deserved beauty sleep.

With a love of a very, in style, preppy look, this Fashionista got a very affordable and cute outfit from Kohl’s. With bold colors and soft fabrics this is a super comfortable and perfect summer look. The green tiered top and white laser-cut skater skirt are super trendy for the summer and provide a great color contrast. Paired with Avenue wedge sandals, the outfit becomes more dressed-up than with flats, but still more casual than with a pair of stilettos. This Fashionista, along with many of us, has a favorite staple purse. Her’s is a Coach cross-body bag. It adds to the balance of the casual-dressy look. To top it off with a personal touch, her favorite accessory to add is a gold monogramed necklace of her initials. Overall, the outfit has an airy and comfortable feel to it, great for the summer heat and walking around in.

One Simple Change: Finished with brunch and getting ready for a girl’s night out? Wherever it is out on the town, try swapping the accessories to statement/glitzy jewelry pieces and a clutch for an even more dressed-up look.