Going to a school on the quarter system in the wonderful city of Chicago means class is in session straight into the first week of June. With classes winding down just as summer heats up, Chicago Fashionistas like the one above can’t wait to be set free for summer break. However, with classes not quite finished yet, individuals need a way to incorporate cheerful vibes into the days spent in the library and the classroom.

This Fashionista’s dress is perfect for a midday meal break, otherwise known as brunch, in between classes with friends. What better way to soak up the sun in nearly 90 degree weather than with a yellow sleeveless dress? Keeping you cool as you walk from building to building, a belted dress like this is flowy and gives off major summer vibes. Yellow may seem tricky to wear, but the strips of black and white make it totally gorgeous to wear for a pancake run or just to sip coffee with your roommates before heading back to class.

The choice in footwear is different from your average black ankle boot. These velvet ankle boots have a fun feel with the little cutouts along the sides. These boots work perfectly with the dress for a brunch outing because it’s feminine, but gives your look some attitude.

Finish the outfit with a black sun hat and shades to shield your face from the summer sun. Sunglasses like these will make you feel like one of Hollywood’s fiercest young ladies, like Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid. The mirrored lens give the dress even more attitude, making you feel like the cool girl on campus.

One Simple Change: Make this brunch look more appropriate for finals week by ditching the black sun hat and wearing some comfy flats instead of heeled ankle boots. Finals usually call for a leggings and baseball cap combo, but try working some yellow into your finals ensemble by wearing a summer-ready dress at least one of the days during finals week. Show everyone how confident you are in acing your finals!