June 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

Being home for the summer means plenty of time for Sunday brunches. I absolutely love this time of year! We are transitioning from sitting in a library racking our brain and trying to remember that last definition for our final, to finally being able to sit out on the beach with our friends and family. However, whether the day calls for rain with 100 percent humidity or an abundance of sunshine, Sunday brunch is always a reason to dress to impress. 

If you are not quite sure about what to wear for your Sunday brunch, this stylish Fashionista will help you out! It’s finally white jeans season; the best season in my opinion. Therefore, this Fashionista paired her white skinny jeans with a powder blue babydoll blouse with intricate detailing. Suede has become popular for the warm weather months, so this Fashionista completed her Sunday brunch look with beige suede sandals with fringe tassels to tie them. Since the outfit includes white and beige which are two neutral shades, attention is drawn straight to the powder blue blouse.

This Fashionista is sporting a more bohemian vibe. The shirt’s wide sleeves flare out in a way that is similar to shirts worn in the ’70s, making this a modern, boho outfit with a vintage twist. The fringe on the back of the sandals also add to the bohemian look this Fashionista is going for. The white jeans and the flowy babydoll blouse truly capture the essence of summertime and are perfect to sit out, relax and enjoy a fabulous brunch.

One Simple Change: Going to a fancy restaurant for date night? Switch out the sandals and pair the blouse and white skinny jeans with beige heels.