June 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

With Summer rolling in that means catching up with all your friends back home. With not have seeing your friends for months while being away at school you want to look and feel your best! What is better than catching up with your high school girlfriends over a yummy meal? And of course your friends choose the trendiest outdoor brunch spot and everyone in the group chat is buzzing about what they each are going to wear. Let’s be honest, Snapchat and Instagram pictures will be taken at this brunch outing and you want to look your finest, so let’s see how to put together the perfect outfit for this occasion!

This Illinois State University Fashionista accomplished this summery chic look to a T. Without going too far, she rocked this chic pastel look. This outfit will for sure stand out because of the simplicity of each piece. It is no secret that this Fashionista’s friends will be plotting ways to borrow this outfit before the first glass of mimosa is poured. It’s clear this CollegeFashionista loves H&M considering the similar types of pieces that fill their shelves each season. The first element that will catch your eye is her high-waisted pencil skirt, which accentuates her sophisticated style and proves extremely flattering to any figure. The gold buttons do a beautiful job of tying together the gold necklace, watch and bracelet accessories. The pink chiffon top, tucked in, gives the jet-set yet feminine look which screams CHIC! Not to mention the pink provides a pop of color without going overboard, again displaying simplicity. To achieve this look you must have the mindset of less is more.

In order to fully grasp this ensemble its important to understand how crucial the gold buttons and accessories are to this look. This Fashionista decided to stick with all gold accents, starting with the buttons leading to the necklace and then down to the watch. Sticking to one color tone, whether it is gold or silver, is a very refined touch many will notice. The long necklace is simple yet contributes tremendously to the overall look by drawing attention to the pink tank top. The combination of the watch and sparkly bracelet brings in the perfect amount of glam.

Let’s not forget to mention how perfect these wedge sandals are! What better shoe to wear during the Summer than a super cute wedge sandal? These wedges are extremely versatile, whether wearing them with a pencil skirt like this or even jeans and a flowy top. No matter what they will be the perfect finish to a Summer look.

One Simple Change: Swapping the chiffon pink tank with a black crop top or any dark color will turn this outfit into a look for a night out. It is the contrast of the white skirt and a dark color top that redefines the outfit, making perfect for a night out on the town. The possibilities with a pencil skirt like this are endless.