June 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

Summertime is a great season for fashion and fun—Outfits become brighter and they are no longer hidden by winter coats. There are so many outfits to create for all of the fun summer festivities like BBQs, bonfires and the beach. But, at one point or another a summer brunch will find a spot on your calendar. Brunches are classy, fun and relaxed so it is crucial to find a look to suit the occasion. Whether you are sitting down with your mom, girlfriend or even your boss, it is very important to find an outfit that you feel totally comfortable in.

A polo shirt paired with Bermuda shorts and boat shoes is the perfect outfit. The polo shirt is very clean cut and classy, while Bermuda shorts relax the outfit. With this look, shoot for light or pastel colors—like a pink or blue. Light colors are great for any morning or afternoon event, they also will keep you feeling cool. To add some jazz to the outfit mix up subtle patterns on the clothes. For example, if the shorts have a faded stripped pattern pick a light blue polo with little navy polka dots. The clash of patterns will elevate the look from basic to fashionable. For even more fun and if you’re feeling like you want to take an extra step, throw on some accessories. Accessories like watches, rings and bracelets are great because they personalize the outfit. There is no way that you will not have a fantastic brunch—even if something horrible happens like the eggs are cold.

One Simple Change: But don’t stop there. Summer is a time of endless fun, but sometimes there is no time in-between. There is nothing worse than getting stuck in an outfit that is not suited for the occasion. During summer, most of the time you end up chilly or overdressed. This look is versatile and can be suited for so many other occasions, just by slipping on a pair of dark straight leg jeans you can head straight to the bonfire after a day of brunch and shopping without ever having to run home to find a new look.