Brunch—the hybrid of breakfast and lunch that Blair and Serena on Gossip Girl live for. Hopefully your brunches do not come with the drama of the Upper East Side and are only filled with glorious food and great company.The second most important thing about brunch, besides figuring out what food you want to devour, is first deciding what to wear.

Some brunches can be in a fancier setting and some can be a tad more laid back. A popular spot to get brunch in Bloomington is called the Village Deli, where I found this Fashionista enjoying her brunch. Her basic light gray T-shirt is perfect for brunch because the neutral color can be paired with a lot of items, and it is more loose fitting just in case a food baby needs to be hidden.

Her jeans are also great for the occasion because they are a little more dressy and structured than the typical leggings and a T-shirt. Her sandals add a level of comfort. The splash of animal print adds a little spice to her outfit. Her amazing green military-inspired jacket is light yet a nice layer to add or take off depending on the temperature of the restaurant you are in.

The largest statement [no pun intended] of this outfit is this Fashionista’s large turquoise statement necklace. The necklace draws the eye up to her face and also dresses up a somewhat casual outfit. Last but not least, sunglasses are a must if you’re enjoying your brunch on a patio. Bloomington is no Upper East Side, but I think Blair and Serena would definitely approve.

One Simple Change: Take off the jacket, and you have the perfect outfit to wear to class if you have a presentation, or just want to look a little nicer!