May 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

FINALLY! Spring is officially in the air, people, even here in good old Kent, Ohio. I am so glad that I can finally (and for real this time) completely tuck away all of my heavy winter layers and replace them with my spring wardrobe essentials. Just by the look of the Fashionista’s brunch-inspired outfit, I know she feels the same. Now that we’re pushing through the end of the school year in nothing but sunshine and mildly warm weather, it’s time to dust off those flats and mini skirts that have been hiding in your closet for far too long.

For some of us, including myself to be honest, finding the motivation to put yourself together during the final stretch of the school year is always a challenge, unless you have an outing planned. For this Fashionista, going to brunch is the perfect opportunity to continue to sport her own style when the stress of finals is creeping behind the corner.  I have to say, I’m loving that  denim mini skirts are making a come back, because when you pair it with a trendy, cutout tank like this Fashionista, you’ll be grabbing everyone’s attention. If it still isn’t super warm where you are, you can always layer your outfit with a light spring jacket the way this Fashionista did, which will keep you warm and tie your entire outfit together. The strappy suede flats and the beautiful eggplant bag complete the look by making the outfit look just casual-chic enough to be sported at a brunch with family and friends. While you may be struggling to pull together an outfit to impress your brunch attendees, remember that it never hurts to pull together something old and something new to make you stand out; we all know you want to rock that denim mini skirt that you’ve had since sophomore year of high school, so hey, why not go for it!

One Simple Change:  In order to take this look from brunch to the fast-approaching summer, all you have to do is ditch the light coat (fingers crossed) and toss your hair up into a messy pony tail or topknot to relieve your neck from the summer heat!