May 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s the perfect time of year for light jackets and sun-kissed brunches, Fashionistas and Fashionistos. With the sun finally shining in the dreary Midwest after a long, long winter, it’s time for us to celebrate with some light layers and light colors. This is the perfect weather to experiment with some new styles and what better time to show off your new styles then brunch with the girls or with the family?

This Fashionista starts the outfit off with the perfect first layer: a white tank top. With such a simple beginning to an outfit, it gives the Fashionista tons to work with in regards to accessorizing and sprucing up the outfit with a few add-ons. Over the tank top, she slips on a lightweight jacket. This Fashionista picks a tan color keeping in line with the warm color scheme that comes with springtime. Jackets are a great addition to an outfit for brunch. If your group decides to sit outside it’s easy to remove it so you can feel the sun on your shoulders like we’ve all been craving this long winter.

The darker wash of the jeans she decides to wear breaks potential monotone theme of the lighter colors. Jeans are a great choice as the temperature rises because of the casual aspect it brings to outfit as well as being a good base for whatever the Fashionista/o chooses to pair with them. Easily dressed up or dressed down, jeans are a great staple to any brunch outfit.

The accessories to this outfit are great statement pieces and give the extra flair to an otherwise more basic, simple outfit. This Fashionista picks a beautiful gem necklace with a deep blue color, adding a level of elegance and a nice pop of color. Something so simple and delicate can make a world of difference. Her shoes are also another great piece. She picks ankle booties that are almost identical in color to her jacket, bringing the outfit full circle. The cutouts details in the booties add great detail and a little edge and flair to the outfit as well. The beauty of booties is that they can be worn year-round and this Fashionista shows us just that. She could’ve worn them all summer with thick socks and leggings to keep warm but she takes advantage of their versatility and gets the most wear out of them by pairing them with a more summery ensemble that makes it absolutely perfect for brunch.

One Simple Change: Adding a wedge shoe to this outfit would take it to casual with dressy with one quick change. Perhaps you’re going from brunch with the girls but need to go to an interview afterward—pack some close-toed wedges in your purse and change them right before your interview. Any employer would be impressed with your breezy casual but professional style.