Attention all brunch enthusiasts! With this post I pay homage to the art of ‘brunching.’ If you’re a newbie and aren’t au fait with the expression, don’t sweat it; I’ll walk you through it. Brunch isn’t just a term used to describe a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch. That may be the description in the Oxford dictionary, but brunch experts around the world will agree that there’s a lot more to it. Brunch isn’t just an expression anymore; its more like a recreation. Before you scratch your heads too long, I’ll explain. Brunch is usually when you meet with your friends (be it your high school girl squad or some fellow bloggers) to spend quality time reincarnating fun memories or discussing creative endeavors while working through a palatable meal. Also, a fundamental part of brunch is to dress comfortably yet stylishly at the same time, to facilitate with the other vital part of brunching—pictures. I know technically we usually dress nice for dinner too, but hey, we all know daylight pictures look better on social media. Now that I’ve successfully campaigned for the activity, we can move on.

Naturally when I had my first encounter with this Fashionista, I asked her how she felt about brunch. She beamed and told me she was just coming back from one. That was enough for me to feature her, not to mention the dapper outfit she had on. I thought her outfit paid tribute to both style and comfort. The white top looked fresh and comfy. She paired it with a pair of light washed distressed boyfriend jeans—a huge trend this season. The light colors celebrate the warmer weather! The Fashionista however did not ditch her zeal for darker colors and added a heather gray trench coat to pull the whole look together. The coat also sheltered her from unanticipated wind chills (we live in Canada where the weather is bipolar). The Fashionista did however wave goodbye to flats and paraded a pair of stylish nude heels that gave an edge to the whole look. For jewelry, she decided to keep it minimal. She also oscillated between a pair of sunglasses and a hat to protect her from the sun. In summary, she had the “brunchfect” outfit.

One Simple Change: Want to sport this look in cooler weather? Ditch the trench coat for a heavier coat and trade the nude heels for black heeled booties. If the weather is bone-chilling, you could even wear a pair of transparent black stockings underneath the denim to add more edge to the look.