Fashionistas/os are always on the go. Being a Fashionista can get so hectic. Whether you are managing school and friendships, or keeping up with the latest trends, you are always busy. Sometimes brunch is the last thing on your mind. However, this Fashionista didn’t let her busy life as a college student compromise her style, nor her love for brunch.

As the temperature is slowly rising, Fashionistas and Fashionistos all over campus are jumping at the chance for an outdoor brunch. It’s the opportunity to show off their latest wardrobe, examine the looks on their campus and catch up with friends.

However, if you haven’t been keeping up, Bowling Green is the Chicago of Ohio. Therefore, it has earned its name, “Blowing Green,” because the lands are flat and the winds are treacherous. So, an outdoor brunch isn’t quite ideal, since the winds bring chills. But, this Fashionista knows what she’s in for, and knows how to dress for it.

While considering that she has a busy day ahead of herself, this Fashionista dresses casually for her brunch date. To ensure that she can transition from brunch to class hassle free, she rocks a pair of white Nike Air Max, which gives off a casual vibe. She wore an outfit with a jacket, studded wristlet and ripped denim. Then, to finish the look, she wore a lace-up top, which keeps the look soft and casual.

One Simple Change: Want to dress this look up for a date night? Well, replace the sneakers with a cute pair of flats or even booties. Also, try adding some accessories, like a hat and some bracelets.