Who else agrees that the best part of Sundays are brunches? Seriously, it does not matter the weather, time or day—on Sundays we brunch! Last weekend I decided to go to one of my favorite places in Boston, the MET bar! The place is in an awesome location (corner of Newbury and Dartmouth St., in case you were wondering) and has the best french toast in the world, which is filled with Nutella and topped with caramelized bananas. I knew that I would definitely bump into some Fashionista/os in there while indulging my food, and I was right!

As Boston transitions into spring temperature, it is really a challenge to match your outfit to the weather. So, wearing pieces that work both for winter or spring is your best bet. Also, when you are going somewhere to really eat, you should wear something comfortable, so you can focus on eating and not how you are going to feel/look once you are done. This Fashionista really nailed every point mentioned above when putting her outfit together.

I loved the pastel detail of the faux fur vest over the black overall tone! For the bottom part of her look, she decided to wear black leggings and over-the-knee boots. These boots have been a major trend this past season, and I don’t think it will be going anywhere soon. These shoes are comfortable and add a stylish touch to any outfit, plus, you can dress it up or down. Therefore, if you don’t have one yet, it is definitely a piece to think about investing on. To protect herself from Boston’s crazy wind, she opted for wearing a black turtleneck shirt—a classic and must-have in everyone’s closet. To add a touch of color, she threw on this pink pastel vest, which not only is a warm piece but adds a unique touch to the outfit. Also, while a lot of people have the misconception that pastels only look good during summer, this Fashionista just proved all these people wrong! To top it off, she wore a mini cross-body bag—which is a major trend and super easy to carry around—and a black fedora.

One Simple Change: Looking for a more casual look for class? Drop the vest and put on a bomber jacket, and you will be ready to go!