Finding the best brunch attire can be a real struggle. Finding the perfect combination to make your outfit cute yet casual can be a dilemma when you are on a time crunch to make brunch, so to make things a little easier, this Fashionista show how to style her favorite brunch items.

While out at brunch waiting for her delicious crêpes to be made, this Fashionista killed the brunch outfit game. From head to toe her outfit was absolute perfection and she was ready for a full day ahead!

First , she rocked this incredible graphic tank top. With “But First Coffee” written across the front, this is a great shirt for brunch because every Fashionista needs a little coffee to jump start her busy day ahead. With every great shirt comes a great pair of pants! These ripped white skinny jeans are a must as white pant season is upon us once again. This Fashionista firmly believes in the fact that you can wear white jeans anywhere, anytime and for any occasion. Last but certainly not least, this Fashionista sports a killer pair of gladiator sandals.The color allows for them to be worn with almost everything so you can wear them all summer long and they are so great for jeans, shorts or even a dress!

One Simple Change: As the warmer weather is rolling out, so are the tank tops. By simply switching out this Fashionista’s “But First Coffee” tank top with a floral patterned tank top, this look has become something incredibly different. The simple change of a graphic tank top to a nicer floral patterned tank top brings a more spring feel to the look. It is so easy and so quick to change if you happen to be a busy Fashionista who has other places to be after brunch!